Business Coaching


Business coaching is the process of engaging in regular, structured conversation with an individual who is in a business (for-profit or non-profit) with the goal to enhance their awareness and behavior to achieve business objectives. It enables the client to understand their role in achieving business success, and to improve that role in ways that are measurable and sustainable.


Business Coaching is a solutions focused and results oriented way to help bring an entrepreneurs vision for their business to life.  The coach provides guidance, support, accountability and encouragement that helps owners to establish systems for sales, marketing, management and financial operations. 


The coaching process is always a collaborative effort between the coach and coachee to come up with solution-focused results in which the coach facilitates the outcomes through assignments and action items for the coachee to work on. 


What makes Chosen Path Strategies Business Coaching different?

Our business coaching program is effective because of our highly individualized approach. We create a tailored program for each entreprenuer based on their unique skills, expertise and experience to achieve your goals. The objective is to bring business knowledge, experience and specific expertise into awareness of the coachee that isn’t readily available to them. The entrepreneurs business performance, experience and personal growth in the coaching process shall forever be changed.