Darryl J Vereen, Executive & Life StrategisT

My Coaching Philosophy is centered on "Generous Words":


When an individual makes a strategic effort to listen and assess the inernal needs of others that emerges in a relatiohship, then seeks to address these needs by making rich verbal deposits into a member, that contributes to healing the past, illuminating the present and improving the future. - Pastor Paul J. James


Darryl J. Vereen launched Chosen Path Strategies to provide professional & personal coaching services to executives, entrepreneurs and individuals. He has developed his passion to serve through family, church and his many years of non-profit community development experience which is reflected in both his educational and career pursuits. Through a personable, insightful and rational approach, Darryl has an unwavering commitment to helping others travel their chosen path with guidance, support, and accountability.


As a leader, Darryl creates a sense of partnership rather than dictatorship with his clients. He’s articulate and skilled at being question oriented, taking the time to engage them throughout the process. Recently serving as the Chapter Chair/President of SCORE Philadelphia, Darryl leverages his extensive experience with community and economic development, and expertise as a business owner and mentor to challenge executives and entrepreneurs. His keen ability to help them strategically process matters pertaining to business and personal development renders better solutions and greater results.


A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Darryl graduated from John Bartram High School in 1987. He then attended Morris Brown College before returning home to be a full time single parent, and part-time student at Community College of Philadelphia while working full-time. He later went on to receive a Certificate in Community Economic Development from the University of Delaware.  In 2002, Darryl obtained his Masters of Science in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University’s Graduate School of Business.  His education, coupled with his professional background in Community Development has given him a formidable framework for success and leadership. Working with business associations, main streets and commercial corridors has provided him the experience and expertise to evaluate, structure, and grow both for-profit and non-profit businesses.


Darryl honed his leadership skills with roles held in non-profit executive management. He has been the Deputy Director of Operations and the Director of Economic Development for several organizations including his last position at the Urban League of Philadelphia where he launched the entrepreneurship center.  Darryl helped streamline these organizations and their economic development initiatives while gaining a reputation of being insightful, strategic and empowering.


Darryl continues to be a proud family man and currently resides with his family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As always, he is guided by his passion to prioritize his faith, family and then business.