Executive Coaching


Our executive coaching services are focused on the emerging CEO and small organizations who's company are looking for supports to take the next steps in the evolution of their business.​ Our emphasis is on strengthening the following:

- Leadership development

- Strategic planning

- Organizational management

- Infrastructure development

- Resource management

Strategic Services


We provide Executive coaching for small businesses; Business coaching for entrepreneurs and Life coaching for the individual to help them connect with their best self.

Business Coaching


Our business coaching services provides entrepreneuers in early concept stage supports in developing and establishing their ideas through the launch phase of their business. We help them to synthecise their thoughts and produce a clearly defined business model. We achieve this through:

- Visioning strategies

- Goal setting

- Action planning

- Business planning

- Professional development

Life Coaching

Our Life coaching services is designed to assist you in discovering your best self. We are interested in helping the individual be a peak performer in every aspect of their lives by knowing, understanding and loving themselves. When you identify with; are aware of; and accepting of self; you are more likely to be healthy and whole emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

- Personal Discovery of Self

- Awareness and identifying strengths & challenges

- Acceptance of who I Am

- Identifying core values & beleifs